Weininger Irwin's Journey

Weininger Irwin

Born in London, Hackney 

Weininger Irwin has created his own sport, loves to teach dance/exercise classes and compere shows/events throughout the country.

He's probably best remembered by people of a certain age as the man who beat the likes of Wolf, Warrior and Shadow to claim the title of the first ever Gladiators Champion in the ITV series of the 1990s. Clearly of sporting heritage, his athletic roots are certainly very strong.

A native East-Londoner, Weininger Irwin’s first taste of competitive sport was his primary school sports day which took place on what ironically was to become the site for the 2012 London Olympic Games. The low income housing (Lea View Flats), is where he spent most of his teenage years, would act as Weininger’s adventure playground where metal fences became hurdles, shed roofs obstacles and their circular perimeter his own personal velodrome.


This was clearly an excellent training ground, as Weininger was to become his secondary school’s top cross country runner and would often represent his house in athletics events and his school in the London Trials.